The naughty teen Titans are up to their usual sex-filled antics

Modern Toons Comics
When the mighty teen Titans see that the vilanous Slade is up to no good again, the two horny superwomen volunteer to set him straight. When they arrive at his hide-out they are greeted by the masked villain and his powerful strip gone. He quickly shoots the two flying vixens and they are instantly stripped of their clothes. But his evil plan backfires when the horny whores get turned on and go after his meaty hard shaft. They teach him a kinky lesson he wont soon forget.

tags: horny whores | teen titans | evil plan |Posted: 2009-09-03

Daphne seduces Velma for some kinky lesbian action!

Modern Toons Comics
When Velma gets called to a haunted mansion to investigate a mystery, shes shocked when Daphne comes out of the shadows and strips her down nude. Daphne was feeling hornier than usual and decided to express all her feelings for Velma by eating out her juicy wet slit. The two bi-sexual vixens lick and rub each other all over in one heated sexual encounter. Velma had no idea shed love the touch of a women this much, but she just cant get enough of Daphne soft feminine touch. What a wet and wild comic strip!

tags: wet slit | sexual encounter | feminine touch |Posted: 2009-09-03

Lee, Bender and Fry make a space-themed porno.

Modern Toons Comics
When Fry forgets his stash of porno's at home he has the bright idea to shoot his own kinky porn movie right there on the ship. Leila is always horny and willing for some hardcore sex so she's quick to drop her clothes to the floor. Of course Bender is already rock hard and is the first to drill his sexy shi-mate. They film every second the raunchy orgy as Leila gets tossed around and pleasured over and over. When the filthy wet threesome finally comes to an end they have their very own porn video to lusts over for days!

tags: bright idea | lusts | leila |Posted: 2009-09-03

Thom gets a warm horny welcome from his new classmates!

Modern Toons Comics
As soon as Thom is introduced to his classmates, the first thing they notice is his massive shaft. After a sweaty gym-class, two class sluts take a break for some hardcore dildo action. The sexy blond is still horny and unsatisfied so she goes to the boy's locker room looking for Thom. She's completely shocked to find the big-cocked new-kid sucking off another class jock. The two gay wonders bang all over the change room as the horny brace-face watches in awe.

tags: hardcore dildo action | brace face | classmates |Posted: 2009-09-03

Spongebob fucks his slut-of-the-day while Squidward fantasizes it were him

Modern Toons Comics
Spongebob is caught with his Squarepants down, banging a horny hot redhead. He's drilling her so hard that Squidward hears the loud moaning from down the street. The horn-dog with tentacles starts fantasies that it was his squid cock banging the fiery vixen. His steamy dream consists of him being tied down blown by the cute whore. He drills her wildly before spraying his juicy hot load all over the damsels wet satisfied slit. If only this was reality, Squidward would be one lucky guy.

tags: hot redhead | lucky guy | vixen |Posted: 2009-09-03