Yet another Family Guy orgy that gets wilder by the minute!

Modern Toons Comics
When Peter sees Loise in her sexy night gown he knows its going to be a good night! Loise lays back on the bed, strips down, and spreads wide. Peter gets naked too but when he looks down he’s shocked to see that his cock is still limp. Not to worry though, Bryan joins in and coaches Loise how to get Peter rock hard. It worked, and in no time Peter was fucking his wife wildly. Bryan even jumps on Loise from behind and fucks her doggy-style!

tags: sexy night gown | time peter | doggy style |Posted: 2009-09-08

Shaggy and Fred tag-team Velma in the school Library

Modern Toons Comics
When Shaggy notices how cute Velma looks in her tight school uniform, he and Fred decide to seduce her. Luckily for them, Velma was already dripping wet from reading a kinky porno so she was ready and willing to get down and dirty. The two lucky studs bang the innocent nerd all over the Library. Shaggy even slips his rock hard shaft in her virgin ass and drills her from behind before he shoots his hot load all over her satisfied face.

tags: lucky studs | virgin ass | velma |Posted: 2009-09-07

Barney and Fred take turns fucking sweet Betty

Modern Toons Comics
Fred and Betty have been fooling around behind Barneys back for sometime now, so this occasion was nothing special. Fred spreads the naughty slut wide and just starts pounding her when a knock comes at the door. It’s Barney home from work early, so Fred ducks under the bed. Barney and his wife waste no time before having kinky wild sex. Eventually Fred comes from under the bed to join in on the steaming hot fuck-fest. After hours of raunchy fucking, Betty takes two enormous loads all over her cute face.

tags: enormous loads | sweet betty | waste no time |Posted: 2009-09-06

Bart, Millhouse and the gang cause mastiff at the Springfield whore house

Modern Toons Comics
When these horny teenage boys get bored they devise a plan to infiltrate the local whore house. They stand on each other’s shoulders and disguise themselves as a man. Not surprisingly, they find Krusty, Wiggum, Moe and all the other town horn-dogs jerking off to live sex. They go all over the whore house and mess with every couple’s romantic encounter. They even pretend to fuck one of the hookers with a giant vibrating cock but it blows up right inside her pussy! Don’t miss this wild sex-filled Simpson’s adventure.

tags: horn dogs | romantic encounter | millhouse |Posted: 2009-09-05

Kimpossible gets caught and tortured by her arch nemesis, and she likes it!

Modern Toons Comics
When Kim suddenly wakes up in her enemies cave, she’s instantly frightened. But she’s relieved and turned on when dr. Drakken decides to punish her by banging her brains out. He strips her naked and gags her before he sticks his swollen shaft deep down her wet slit. Then out of nowhere, Kim’s boyfriend shows up to rescue her and starts anal fucking her kidnapper. The horny hero is sure to blow his steaming load before him and Kim make their escape.

tags: wet slit | dr drakken | arch nemesis |Posted: 2009-09-04

Barney and Fred trade wives for one kinky beach fuck-fest!

Modern Toons Comics
When the Rubbles and the Flintstones decide to take a trip to the beach to enjoy the sun, Barney and Fred decide to spice things up by switching wives. Barney is rock hard at the thought of banging Wilma’s tight slit and wastes no time fucking her brains out. Meanwhile, Betty and Fred are getting just as wild in the sand. Fred loves pounding Betty’s juicy pussy for a change, and the horny housewife feels exactly the same! When their juicy love-swap is over the two couples decide that this is something they should do more often.

tags: tight slit | horny housewife | juicy pussy |Posted: 2009-09-03

The Griffin Family christens their knew home with a kinky orgy

Modern Toons Comics
When Loise and Peter buy what they thought was the house of their dreams, they’re shocked to find that it’s a real fixer-upper. They start cleaning but Peter is easily distracted when he sees how gorgeous Loise looks. They take a fuck break to satisfy all their horny sexual cravings. Meanwhile, Meg and Chris have a kinky excursion of their own when Chris whips out his thick hard shaft. You won’t want to miss this inner-family fuck-fest in all its raunchy glory!

tags: sexual cravings | griffin family | loise |Posted: 2009-09-03

Velma and Daphne surprise Fred with a kinky wet threesome!

Modern Toons Comics
When Fred is called to a haunted lighthouse by Daphne and Velma, he’s shocked when he finds two masked vixens instead. He’s scared at first, but as soon as they flash their luscious breasts, all his fears went away. The two disguised sluts take turns sucking and fucking the lucky investigator all over the room. Eventually they unmask and reveal that they are actually Daphne and Velma! Fred is even more turned on now starts pounding them even harder.

tags: haunted lighthouse | luscious breasts | velma |Posted: 2009-09-03

Leela and the Professor get wild onboard Planet Express!

Modern Toons Comics
Just as Leela is complaining about how incredibly bored she is, a knock comes to the door. It’s the old professor come to give Leela her weekly check up. As soon as he sees Leela’s luscious natural rack his limp dick instantly turns rock hard and he decides to put the moves on the sexy Cyclops. Lucky for him, she was looking for anything or anyone to do and was more than happy to satisfy all of the old mans wildest fantasies! She even swallows his steaming hot load of cum in a sweaty, screaming climax.

tags: limp dick | natural rack | leela |Posted: 2009-09-03

Flash shows off his super-speed fucking ability!

Modern Toons Comics
Whenever Flash is feeling as unbelievably horny as he is today, he goes to all-girls school for an easy lay. He speeds over to find the luscious Terry in the buff taking a shower. He wastes no time swooping in and turning her on. Of course the naughty slut is ready and willing to satisfy the lonely super-hero. His lightning fast cock fucks her like she’s never been fucked before in one wild sexual encounter. If only every guy could bang like the Flash.

tags: cock fucks | naughty slut | sexual encounter |Posted: 2009-09-03